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White Widow

White Widow (automatic)

White Widow (automatic)






      • Happy
      • Relaxed
      • Euphoric


      • Dry Mouth
      • Dry Eyes
      • Dizzy

      White Widow is connected to a Brazilian sativa that’s seed grown and refined with domestic crops. It is also very well-liked by the people of America and other foreign cities. This article will explain that what is white widow, how this strain was created and where white widow can be found easily.

      White Widow is the most famous and the most successful cannabis around the globe today as compare to the other strains. Many other strains have been raised such as White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow with white widow’s genetics. It has gained worldwide popularity since its beginning in the year of 1994. White Widow has been associated with numerous different breeders. White Widows can be found in seeds coffee shop in different flavors including earthy, woody and pungent. White Widow’s history is quite different and complicated.

      The story behind the creation of white widow had become a battle, and formation of this strain had turned into controversial; some people said that it has been invented by a man named Ingemar. Some says that it had invented by the expert and well-know breeder whose name is Shantibaba. Past researches result shown that it has been created by Shantibaba who is the co-owner of Green house seed and current creator of The Mr Nice Seedbank. Nowadays, about mostly breeder and seed bank sell seed state to be the original and creative white widow and many people consider it original. Also, it became very popular in Dutch coffee shops.

      Additionally, white widow can be available in many varieties that generally created by Pyramid Seeds, Dutch Passion, Ministry of Cannabis, The 7 Dwafes Seedbank, Kannabia Seeds, Vision Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, White Label, Spliff Seeds, De Sjamaan and numerous more. White Widow can be found in Amsterdam and the many areas of the Netherlands.

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