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White Skunk

White Skunk (feminized)

White Skunk (feminized)






      • Euphoric
      • Happy
      • Relaxed


      • Dry Mouth
      • Dizzy
      • Dry Eyes

      White Skunk is one of the type of skunk strain. It is a medium sized plant with thick and long running buds. It is a fast growing plant as it takes just eight weeks to grow. It is considered as an easy plant to grow as it doesn’t need much attention and doesn’t take too long to grow. They could be grown in both indoor and outdoor facility moreover it produces high yield. The THC level of this plant is usually high moreover if we talk about difficulty level it is considered easy.

      If a person wants to grow white skunk than he can get an abundant harvest within lesser period of time by doing minimal effort. For growing the, properly you will have to keep a very strong eye on level of temperature. It depends a lot on climate like you are growing them indoor or outdoor.

      There are multiple use of white skunk, which are discussed as under.

      It also cures nausea. It is the type of disease in which patient feel problem in his upper stomach, but is unable to do anything about it. He feels pain in stomach which may lead to vomiting. While suffering from nausea patient is unable to eat anything as he is feeling pain in stomach. By using white skunk the pain could be reduced as it is good for creating an argue to eat in patient.

      It is a state in which patient is unable to sleep. It is also known as sleeping disorder, there might be multiple reasons for insomnia like daytime sleepiness, depression etc. but white skunk can help to overcome this problem as it helps them to relax and become tension free by doing so a depressed mood could be changed into a pleasant one hence sleeping disorder could be reduced.

      Patients suffering from any sort of stress are depression uses white skunk as a cure. Its euphoric effect can calm the patient and hence it leads to give him relief from stress or depression. It cures any stress problem by making patients happy as it gives them pleasure and help them feel relaxed.

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