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Super Skunk

Super Skunk (feminized)

Super Skunk (feminized)






      • Relaxed
      • Happy


      • Dry Mouth

      Super Skunk is known for its super sweet taste, hybrid qualities, and skunk fragrance. It is one of the most famous strains in the world. They are Indica-dominant (80%) and can be grown both indoor and outdoor. It is fast flowering with heavy branches and thick stems loaded with fat, super dense, rounded buds.

      The buds are light green in color (but it is usually noticed to have undertones of brown and orange) with a light hazing of trichomes and have an extremely powerful and pungent skunk smell. The smoke is described by most users as clean and the taste as sweet.

      The THC level is above normal at 19% and the CBD level is high at 2.4%, making it suitable for the serious medical conditions such as seizures. For those suffering from chronic nausea, this strain can also be used to boost the appetite.


      Indoor Yield: 18oz / m2
      Outdoor Yield: 21oz / plant
      Indoor flowering period: 45 – 50 days
      Outdoor flowering period: September – November
      Resistance to disease: High resistance
      CBD: 1%
      THC Content: 20%
      Temperate / Continental
      Average height gain
      65% Indica
      35% Sativa
      Heavy Yield
      Plant Height: Medium
      Climate: dry, cold, warm
      Growth Level: Easy


      The general strength of the Super Skunks effects often varies from user to user. This strain is famous for relaxation, effective stress reliever, and euphoric high. It is, therefore recommended for treating depression and anxiety. It is also a great way to alleviate daily insomnia as well. Although Super Skunk strain delivers a full body high, the users are still able to think straight while high. It also helps to eliminate other pains, aches, and symptoms, such as headaches, migraines, and headaches.

      This is because the presence of Sativa leaves you in-tune and clear-headed so you can continue daily activities. Super Skunk allows you to relax while experiencing a state of elation. It induces peace and promotes creativity in a very gentle way. You feel the effect after a couple of hours; it also leaves no hangover and aids a good night sleep.
      When going through chemotherapy treatments, cancer patients often suffer from loss of appetite and chronic nausea which leads to weight loss. Super Skunk helps to reverse the adverse effects by getting rid of the nausea caused by the chemotherapy, which in turn makes them start to gain weight again.


      When Super Skunk is taken in excess, it has some adverse effect such as blood-shot eyes and dry mouth. This is due to its body-heavy effect. In extreme cases, paranoia and hallucinations may be observed.

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