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Skunk #1

Skunk #1 (feminized)

Skunk #1 (feminized)






      • Euphoric
      • Happy
      • Relaxed


      • Dry Mouth
      • Dry Eyes
      • Dizzy

      Skunk #1 is a hybrid strain that has influenced the cannabis family. In 1982, this flower originated in California by the legendary Sam “the skunk man” following his release from prison. This plant is one of the most balanced strains ever grown. Its structure is perfect and is also characterized by short internodes gaps and large fan leaves that explode into dense clusters. It is a very THC full strain that makes you happy and relaxed instantly after consuming it.

      Skunk #1 has a good mix of Indica and Sativa lineage. However, Afghani, Colombian Gold, and Aculpulco Gold are thought to have parented this strain. There’s a reason this strain is called #1 (number 1), the smell is so skunk, pungent, acidic, and the taste is pleasantly sweet and easy to guess – it is a combination between fruity, woody, and sweet. The smell of this strain reminds most users of some smoke they used to have in the 90’s – super strong and stinky, in a good way.

      It makes an impression by making the sinking body melt and the full-body high always as it instantly fixes your anxiety. Skunk #1 is considered easy to grow both indoor and outdoor. This plant has a very high flower-to-leaf ratio, making it susceptible to mold in the last six weeks of flowering. Eight weeks in trichomes is a must, and then almost overnight she matures. When blooming, skunk #1 also gains more height than pure Indicas.

      The effects of the strain vary depending on the genetic lineage and phenotype of each individual plant. Users testify that it relieves mild anxiety. It flows easily from the mind and won’t cause anxiety or make you paranoid. Skunk #1 makes for a cheerful hybrid. It is the perfect flower for a social gathering of any kind. It can be thought of as a daytime or afternoon strain while strolling with your dog.

      Skunk #1 is very beneficial for a number of medical disorders.

      • In small doses skunk #1 has shown to be beneficial against psychiatric symptoms, asthma, pain, and glaucoma.
      • In average doses, it can help to fight against vomiting and nausea, autoimmune diseases, anorexia, and spasticity.
      • In high doses, it is beneficial for movement disorders.

      The effects of this strain are long-lasting, the first 2 hours are clearly heavily stoned then it caps off. The next 3 hours is capped with a clear and productive head. You will get the munchies but, with this strain, it is not too heavy. Don’t get it twisted; it is almost too active as if you blazed at night and sometimes it will not make you sleepy at all! It must be grown up with love and care!

      Negatives: It causes dry mouth and dry eyes. This is why you need a bottle of water close by when taking skunk.

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