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Mexican Sativa

Mexican Sativa (feminized)

Mexican Sativa (feminized)






      • Euphoric
      • Happy
      • Hungry


      • Dizzy
      • Dry Mouth
      • Dry Eyes

      The term “marijuana” was coined from Mexico. The country is believed to be the home to some uncommon varieties of cannabis, including the Mexican Sativa. Mexican Sativa is a three-way cross between Mexican Oahakan, Durban, and Pakistani Hash Plant (three continents) that grows like a pure Sativa. In other to maintain the unique traits of the original strain, the best seed offspring were then back-crossed to the Oaxacan line. This strain has a citrus flavor that is quite different from other Sativa, like Durban.

      Mexican Sativa has a short flowering period of 7-8 weeks. This ensures that a rewarding harvest of a pleasant aroma and flavor which is not overwhelming, with notes of aniseed, sandalwood, species, and freshly-cut grass with hash-scented buds and mouth-watering sandalwood taste. Given enough time and an appropriate climate (e.g. enough sunlight) to fully grow, Mexican Sativa can deliver yields of up to eleven ounces per plant. It adds to an invigorating, cerebral and enthusiastic effect that satisfies its users when having good time with friends.

      This wonderful Sativa are resistant to pests plagues and moisture and they grows perfectly both indoors and outdoors, no matter what cultivation method is used. However, it is best grown outdoors because growers must consider its height and make enough room for it. More so, this strain responds to more light; this means that you have to provide good amount of sunshine to make it flourish better.

      General Features

      Mexican Sativa is Oaxacan + Durban + Pakistani
      70% pure Sativa with a 50-70 Day Finish – Super Fast!
      Clean, crisp, enduring, and uplifting
      Harvest: September – October
      Height: 200-300 cm
      Yield: up to 250 gr
      High plant
      Flowering 50 – 70 days
      Yield: Medium Yield
      Flowering Period: 9 – 12 weeks
      THC Level: 18%
      CBD: 1.3%

      Mexican Sativa Strain Effect

      The effect of Mexican Sativa marijuana strain is somewhat special; it induces strong cerebral elation followed by energy boosts, deep body relaxation, uplift mood, stress relieve, pain and nausea control, prompts giggles, and creativity. However, excessive consumption of Mexican Sativa may cause strong paranoia and couch-lock.

      Curious consumers as well as experienced cannabis users will appreciate not only the unique qualities of the strain, but its special set of flavors and the nice stimulating brain high it provides! This Sativa can also be grown for medicinal reasons.

      In summary; this is a nice Sativa with an interesting flavor and a good yielder that gives intellectual high. I would recommend that this strain be grown outdoors to make sure they get lots of light.

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