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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush (regular)

Hindu Kush (regular)






      • Relaxed
      • Sleepy
      • Happy


      • Dry Mouth
      • Dry Eyes

      Kush is a name trend in the cannabis family that has become widely used nowadays for anything that will give your body a full high. The Hindu Kush is a cannabis strain that carries all the indica attributes you could possibly imagine.

      It is an Indica strain that has maneuvered its way into an extensive range of a number of powerful and heavy skunk strains. This Hindu Kush strain was first discovered in a sensational and dramatic mountain range that runs through India, northern Pakistan, and central Afghanistan. However, the meaning of the “Kush” is debated, and has been traced back to a Persian expression for “Hindu Killer” and in addition to Avestan words meaning just “water mountain.”

      The Hindu Kush is among the most important strains in cannabis history. With just the first hit, you’re clouded with a splendid sensation of relaxation. It provides deep psychoactive effects for depression, stomach problems, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

      The “high” state doesn’t mess about and the user knows exactly what they are dealing with after several hits. In the sensation of relaxation and lethargy, there is a very heavy body stone that sets in with a wonderful cerebral buzz that is soothing and relaxing with contentment. Because of its heavy body stone, Hindu Kush is not recommended for active daily use. Rather, it works well as a desensitizing agent for an anti-nausea treatment, chronic pain, and as a unique way to relieve anxiety and stress.

      It’s an ideal strain for spending any number of hours relaxing with some music or a movie, but it isn’t really the most social strain you’re probably going to come across. Most times, users will feel a heavy sensation in the cerebrum and limbs and may not want to be particularly active. Other users may have intentions or thoughts of getting up to perform a task, but will rather prefer being happily idle.

      In the medical world, the properties of Hindu Kush make it an ideal choice for the treatments of muscle pain, insomnia, and for an instant hit of stress alleviation. This immobilization can free up the brain for sluggish consideration and wander inventive thinking. Some hallucinogenic effects like abnormal tactical sensations and visual distortions may likewise be available. One of the many beneficial effects of Hindu Kush is that it comes with total body relaxation, realizations, and cleansing of all the pain that troubled you all through the day.

      With an earthy skunk flavor that is supported by a delightful note of sweetness, it’ll become significantly more aromatic and intense. This is a good morning strain that people should try it. Some users with brain tumor testify that this really soothes their nausea and relaxes their body when receiving kemo and radiation treatments. The smoke is heavy, rich, and flavorful and lingers around for hours, creating magical senses.

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