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Early Girl

Early Girl (regular)

Early Girl (regular)






      • Relaxed
      • Happy
      • Euphoric


      • Dry Mouth
      • Dizzy
      • Dry Eyes

      Early Girl is the reliable and durable kind of strain. It grows fast in an outdoor and it has been discovered in the 80’s. It takes only 7 to 8 weeks to grow. The Early Girl will be perfectly grown in a garden, balcony and window edge. It is just right for short summers because it can handle moderately low temperatures. In this article, I’ll explain about early girl cannabis that what it is, how it was created and where we can find it easily.

      Early Girl has a light, peppery and spicy taste because most people prefer a light taste and more effect. It will give you the effect of freshness and brightness. Also, in early bird cannabis, there are some Indica properties that give a relaxed and comfortable feeling. There is not much spaced required for Early Girl plant because it can be grown easily within a limited place. When a purple color is become visible that means that early bird is complete and ready for harvest. Early Girl is not difficult to grow and can get around 2 meters tall.

      Early Girl conveys a soft and smooth smoke with nicely strong high and gives a relaxed and calm effect. It is spicy but light in taste and this is the specialty of this cannabis and liked by many people. Early Girl also a great pain reliever and it helps to reduce stress and anxiety level, from this strain anorexia and insomnia can also be reassured.

      Early Girl is considered as the most primitive kind of marijuana seeds that grow outdoors. You can get the best quality early bud seed with the reasonable prices on different online websites or online marijuana seed bank. There are a lot of online websites who offers various kinds of marijuana seeds.

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