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Eagle Bill

Eagle Bill (regular)

Eagle Bill (regular)






      • Energetic
      • Focused
      • Happy


      • Dry Eyes
      • Paranoid
      • Dry Mouth

      Eagle Bill is a tall marijuana plant, which is a mixture of Colombian, Thai, and Jamaican genetics. There is a history behind its unique name, it’s named after cannabis founder the late Frank William wood also known as Eagle Bill Amato. Eagle Bill was famous for pioneering the vaporizer and get famous as the Father of vapor. In this article, I’ll explain that what eagle bill cannabis is, how it was created and where can we find it easily.

      Eagle Bill is considered as the wonderful strain because its taste and scent are very hazy with pine woody hints, the smell is not an intense but it has a strong taste. This smoke is best for day time smoking because it gives you energy and refreshing feel all the day. This can be grown indoor and it takes around 10 to 12 weeks to grow. Most of the people like Eagle Bill cannabis because of its taste, the flavor and aroma of eagle bill are manifest, with lemon, pine wood, incense, and haze. The effects of Eagle Bill are long-term, powerful, strong, and enriching. It is the best strain to smoke with your friends.

      Eagle Bill height is average and the speed of growth is fast. It grows with the extra large buds and has a rich taste. Eagle Bill takes a little more 10 days time to grow in order to give a quality flavor buds. The yield nicely large and especially when you use the mentioned techniques throughout the process. This is the great strain to grow for those who are fond of cultivating SOG or ScrOG.

      Eagle Bill cannabis is a bit spicier and stronger and it is appropriate for vaporizing. It can be easily available in various online websites and another online seedbank.

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