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Chronic (regular)

Chronic (regular)






      • Happy
      • Uplifted
      • Giggly


      • Dry Mouth

      Chronic strain is a type of flower which has the power grow the plant easily by producing up to 600 g/sq meter. These crops are necessary to attain by both hydro and soil approaches. Hydro methods necessitate fewer time in vegetative stage, in around three days, meanwhile beginners must take a week to get fixed in soil. These flowers wishes to produce a vast end bud and any type of bud are smaller in size than these chronic. It makes a perfect runner for the sea of green way.

      Chronic strain came in a verity of seeds, like coals so these types of chronic coals are remarkably horrific and getting as big as usual alert. Some of serious seeds advisors advices in contradiction of extracting to help bigger side buds that effects in a reduced crop.

      Plants are either small with chubby buds or higher with lengthened, chronic plants showed these 2 types. When the upbringing of chronic starts in the new century chronic has developed extra even, resembling and more elongated type. Also, buds got thicker and stickier than ever. Chronic has turned out to be extra constant; no unlike the latter, extra extended form. The flowers are also darker.

      This one time primarily indica type has been already modernized by a sativa cross and has become stable later 2000, its benefit contains amended both the power & pitch content even though parting the subtle sweet-spicy aroma together. The high has complete ranges of special effects that usually starts in the mind and eventually move to the body. This diversity contains a light wildflower aroma and essence with nearly no hint of spiciness or smell. The fragrance is restrained when the plant is buzzing and it can be converted to a delightful sugariness if treated and dehydrated appropriately.

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