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California Indica

California Indica (regular)

California Indica (regular)






      • Happy
      • Euphoric
      • Uplifted


      • Dry Mouth

      California Indica was created with the original accurate strain Afghani lines from Sensi seeds. California Indica belongs to a normal marijuana strain and it has a citric/sweet kind of scent. It is a small marijuana plant with lengthened leaves. In this article, I’ll discuss that what is California Indica, how it was created and from where we can get it.

      California Indica is the high-quality strain and mostly people like it because of its beautiful orange colored pistils and its fruity taste. Many breeders easily get its crops and resinous buds; it is also perfect to grow-up at home and also good for outdoor as well. California Indica has a sugary and strong flavor and smell. This smoke is made up of acidic orange, fluid, and dark chocolate. It takes on about 45 to 50 days in flowering, California Indica is basically a very famous Afghani hash that collectively joint with the orange bud. The purpose of the orange bud is to give this strain a citrus effect which is quite general for any type of indica strain.

      California Indica has made up with two heavy indica strains and in a result, California plant has discovered with sweet, spicy and with heavy buds containing lots of resin. The effect of after smoking California Indica is an enjoyable body relaxer and a smooth effect that will not feel you sleepy. It gives the best sweet taste and aroma. California Indica contains the slightest green and the majority of orange strains that Sensi suggested.

      It is a tolerant and resourceful plant. You can easily get an original California Indica with orange but on online websites or other different seed banks. Also, true orange strains can be easily grown-up at home as well because it is not difficult to grow.

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