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Black Domina

Black Domina (feminized)

Black Domina (feminized)






      • Relaxed
      • Sleepy
      • Euphoric


      • Dry Mouth

      Black Domina considered as the world’s finest and pure indica. It is also a powerful smoke and a harsh spicy kind of aroma. It can be a great strain for a day off or at night when you have no other major work to do, because after smoking a person become lazy and sleepy. In this article, I’ll explain that what Black Domina cannabis is, where it was created and how can we get it nearby easily.

      Black Domina is a strong and powerful strain and dark in color. Most of the people like this strain because it makes the very cheerful and boost up after the first little hits and a person feel sleepy, lazy and relaxed then people dozed off easily and it leaves the effect of about 1 to 1.5 hours. Black Domina also has some negative effects like dry eyes and mouth, terror and anxiety. Many people select it just for the release of stress, sadness, anxiety and depression from your body and give your body a positive relaxing effect. It is greatly considered by doctors as a good medicinal strain.

      Black Domina grew up from seeds of phenotype variation, and it has a compacted height and considered as wonderful resin creation. Black Domina is very simple to grow and a common flowering time is 50 to 55 days and its seeds contain four indica strains, Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA. It is also perfect for indoor growing because it grows up to only 4-1/2 feet high.

      It deals with all kind of mental issues and helps people to reduce their stress level. Black Domina has a timbered, peppery and a spicy flavor mixed with citrus. We can get it and order through different online websites or other seed banks with premium quality.

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