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Amnesia (feminized)

Amnesia (feminized)






      • Happy
      • Uplifted
      • Euphoric


      • Dry Mouth

      Amnesia strain is usually a Sativa cannabis in which had made from various breeders, skunk, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer. These are some prototype that is inherited in Amnesia cannabis, it is ideal for those who faced mood swings disorder on daily basis and this cannabis is effective for treating mood disorder. After smoking, this people feel relaxed and smooth. In this article, I’ll describe that what amnesia cannabis is, the effects of amnesia cannabis and from where people get this cannabis without difficulty.

      Amnesia is the most famous strain in the Dutch coffee shops. Amnesia cannabis is liked by most of the people because of its strong and powerful effect and great flavor. After smoking it give a relaxed and fresh feel so that you will feel fresh whole day. The growing period of this cannabis is in between 9-10 week and in modest yield. This plant is very easy to grow and can be maintaining without difficulty and is ideal for indoor planting. It can be grown outdoor as well but for this climate must be warm because it is a delicate plant and a little extra care is required to grow outside. A perfect month to grow amnesia is October. In 2009, Amnesia also won the highlife cup in the 3rd position.

      Amnesia cannabis helps you to relief stress, chronic pain, and migraine. The effects of smoking amnesia are lazy, slow and euphoric that gives a relaxed feel and you will start to feel yourself in a trance because it has psychedelic that is slight high. Amnesia cannabis can give you the best daytime relief.

      Amnesia cannabis is very useful to deal with several disorders; it is perfect for the patients who suffer from depression and chronic pain. High-quality amnesia can be found easily on various online marijuana websites or online seed banks.

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