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Afghani #1

Afghani #1 (regular)

Afghani #1 (regular)






      • Relaxed
      • Euphoric
      • Sleepy


      • Dry Mouth
      • Dry Eyes

      Afghani #1 is a type of cannabis and a profound and an intense plant strain. A name afghani set after its geographic origin, where the initial variety of cannabis have grown-up together. Breeders from different countries only came to buy afghani cannabis in huge quantity because afghani cannabis is heavy resin production that gets ahead on the basis of genetically. People like its sweet taste, and an earthy smell, and also it gives a deep and joyful effect and a sedating relaxation. In this article, I’ll explain that what is afghani cannabis, how this strain was created and from where people can get afghani cannabis easily.

      Afghani #1 cannabis is a unique strain that consists of ‘landrace’ and its plant grows on mountains of Afghani #1stan, it is an original indica and mostly people like because of its strength and a strong genetics. It is not only sweet, rich and soft in taste but also available in different and unique flavors.

      It was first encountered in China over 6000 years ago, people at that time munch through as a seed, and still we can found similar cases in rural areas. Afghani #1 buds are pale to average green in color with a prevalence of orange hairs and a solid layer of trichomes. It is a very famous kind of strain; people most usually take this indica to treat their insomnia pain, stress and anxiety disorder.

      Afghani #1 cannabis is a famous kind of cannabis and its demand is very high. A plant of afghani cannabis is easy to grow and it takes only 2-4 weeks. Afghan cannabis is just the right thing for those People who suffer from insomnia and it will help you to sleep well. It can be found with high quality in different seed banks and online shops.

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